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UnelmaCoin is an innovative decentralized crypto coin for developing countries.

UnelmaCoin (UNC) is a blockchain technology built on top of already existing and popular cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin , Dash and PIVX .

UnelmaCoin aims to empower people by making the use of cryptocurrency as easy as posting a message on a social network.

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You will be able to trade UnelmaCoin in major centralized and decentralized exchanges.

Convert Crypto to FIAT and vice versa

Approved exchanges, masternodes, monitoring and marketplace services where you can trade, host, verify, and use UnelmaCoin (UNC) as payment services:





Delion DEX

Masternode services

Monitoring services



Marketplace services

We are currently working on getting UnelmaCoin up and running in all exchanges...

Download UnelmaCoin Desktop Wallets

Download UnelmaCoin windows wallet (32 or 64-bit).

Download UnelmaCoin linux wallet (64-bit).

Download UnelmaCoin macOS wallet (64-bit).

Add UnelmaCoin (UNC) to a Wallet

Start earning by mining UnelmaCoin or add UNC to a wallet

Send/Receive with Wallet

You can easily send or receive UnelmaCoin with web, desktop or mobile wallets

Why choose UnelmaCoin

Over 50,000 Customers and strong community support worldwide

Safe & Secure

Encrypt your UnelmaCoin wallet with 2FA


Use UnelmaCoin web, desktop, mobile wallets or compile from the source

Mobile Apps

Coming soon: android and iOS

Hybrid approach

UnelmaCoin is built using both (PoW + PoS)

Item Support

Full Support

Easy to use

Simply create your UnelmaCoin wallet account and start using

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UnelmaCoin Mining

Earn passive income by setting up MasterNodes, earn 250K UNC

UnelmaCoin Mining

Mining Hardware

Earn passive income by setting up MasterNodes

UnelmaCoin Mining

Mining Pools

Very easy mining and staking options

UnelmaCoin Mining

Electricity Costs

Reduce the Electricity costs through PoS algorithm that UnelmaCoin (UNC) uses.

UnelmaCoin Mining

Transaction Fees

No transaction fees

UnelmaCoin Mining

Mining Difficulty

Very easy mining difficulty

UnelmaCoin Mining

Block Reward

Earn 50 UNC for block rewards

Crypto calculator

Currency Calculator


UnelmaCoin Coin Supply


Block Height


Countries Supported


Active Community

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